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Natural Tea Light Candle Log

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Tea Light Color

This teak wood tea light log will add a beautiful natural element to your decor at home, or the tables at a wedding or event. Each tea light candle log holds 5 tea lights.

Light blue, Dark blue and White are shown in the pictures. Colors Pink and Dark green are not shown.

18-20 inches long, 4-5 inches wide, and 3-4 inches high

Candle logs are made of wood and will have characteristics normal for wood. Worm holes, knots, cracks. These are normal and not a flaw in the product.

Please be advised: ALL candles are unique pieces of wood therefore the one pictured is not going to be your exact piece. However, they all generally look the same and are about the same size (1-2 inch difference) Some are longer and thicker than others.


Teak wood, tea lights

Care information

Burn for 2-3 hours at a time. Trim wick 1/4" before every burn. Stop using candle when there is 1/2" inch of wax left. Never leave candle unattened